Informationen für Patienten und Zuweiser

Hormon Zentrum Zürich
Forchstrasse 8a
8008 Zürich

Tel 044 387 70 30

Für Zuweiser: Korrespondenz bitte an mpa.hozz@hin.ch

Für Patienten: Bitte Termine direkt online vereinbaren - es werden keine Termine per E-mail vergeben (gilt nur für bekannte Patienten)

Neue Patienten werden auf Zuweisung aufgeboten.

Telefonzeiten: 9.00-11.00 (Mo-Fr), 14.00-16.00 (Mo-Mi + Fr)

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The Hormon Center Zurich is a unique center of expertise for diabetology and endocrinology. Here we treat patients with metabolic diseases including offering a variety of holistic approaches.

We understand your needs and our competent and highly motivated staff are engaged and focused on helping you, the patient. We make sure that at every step you have the best continuous medical care whilst at the same time offering current state of art technology to the highest internal standard of quality.

If required, we have close relationships to all specialists in many other medical areas, to deliver a fully comprehensive care package and with that we walk you through the process towards further treatment plans if required.

We are considerate of every individuals needs and offer a high end service in a personal and relaxed private setting.