Informationen für Patienten und Zuweiser

Hormon Zentrum Zürich
Forchstrasse 8a
8008 Zürich

Tel 044 387 70 30

Für Zuweiser: Korrespondenz bitte an mpa.hozz@hin.ch

Für Patienten: Bitte Termine direkt online vereinbaren - es werden keine Termine per E-mail vergeben (gilt nur für bekannte Patienten)

Neue Patienten werden auf Zuweisung aufgeboten.

Telefonzeiten: 9.00-11.00 (Mo-Fr), 14.00-16.00 (Mo-Mi + Fr)

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Co operations

We have a network in Zurich and within other countries if required.

Our team has an outstanding network, with excellent partners. We engage in close exchanges aiming for the optimal treatment for each individual patient. We participate regularly at National and International Conferences to deliver current state of the art medical care for you.

Our most important partners are:
  • Pituitary: for patients with pituitary adenomas we work together with the renowned neurosurgeons Prof. Dr. René Bernays and Prof. Dr. Robert Reisch at Hirslanden Klinik
  • Thyroid: we present patients with thyroid nodules or cancers at the interdisciplinary thyroid board meetings of Klinik Hirslanden. Patients with benign nodules can be treated by thermoablation, performed by PD Dr. med. Oliver Dudeck. Patients needing surgery will be sent to Dr.med. Ingrid Schweizer
  • Adrenal gland: in case of adrenal tumors we work together with Prof. Dr. Martin Spahn, Urology at Klinik Hirslanden
  • Reproduction: In case of fertility issues we work closely together with the team of Gyné invitro in Küsnacht (Dr. Singer) and 360° Kinderwunsch Zentrum Zürich (Team Dr. Götze)
  • Andrology: we work closely with the urology team of Klinik Hirslanden and Uroviva Zürich Group